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Getlabs is the nationwide leader for at-home diagnostics.
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Quality is everything.

Across the healthcare industry, providing the best care for patients should be table-stakes. Yet the mantra of “growth at all costs” has been far too common for far too long. At Getlabs, we believe in doing well by doing good. That’s why we created The Grandmother Test as one of our guiding principles. When making decisions, we ask ourselves “how would we treat each patient if they were our own grandmother?”
To achieve this, we seek compassionate individuals from all walks of life - just like our patients. We believe the single most important factor to ensure we consistently deliver exceptional care starts with hiring employees who truly care deep down about helping patients. If you share our passion for improving access to high-quality healthcare for everyone, we would love to meet you.

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our mission

Save lives by expanding access to diagnostics for everyone.

Providers cannot treat what they cannot diagnose. Today, 30% of patients skip diagnostic tests because brick-and-mortar healthcare is too difficult to access. For the healthcare ecosystem, this results in $150B in lost revenue each year. For patients, the costs can be even more devastating - missing the window for preventative care.

At Getlabs, we’re patients too and have experienced just how hard it is to access care. Navigating phone trees with long hold times, waiting 29 days for the first available appointment, then needing to take time off work to receive 13 minutes of care in a cold examination room. And after all that - being asked to repeat the process and go to a laboratory for diagnostics.

And here’s the worst part: the system is backwards. 70% of conditions cannot be diagnosed without collecting and performing diagnostics first.
In order to expand access to care and improve patient adherence, the healthcare ecosystem needs to be redesigned around patients’ lives by coming to their preferred site of care - their home. Requiring patients to go to medical facilities should be a last step; not a first step. Healthcare needs to become remote-first. That’s why we started Getlabs.

Getlabs is the nationwide leader for at-home diagnostics. Healthcare organizations use our technology platform to dispatch skilled medical specialists directly to patients. This enables the healthcare ecosystem to expand access while providing higher-quality care, for more patients, at a fraction of the cost of traditional care.

Since our founding in 2018, we’ve expanded nationwide and we’re bringing remote-first care into reality. Join us and let’s transform healthcare together.

Our values

Happy team = happy patients

Imagine how great healthcare could be if it was a happy experience. We believe the way to make patients happy starts with our team’s happiness.

Improve 1% every day

For us, testing is not just important for lab tests; it is who we are. We believe compounding growth comes from small improvements every single day.

Outstanding quality

What if healthcare could be as exceptional as the best five star hospitality experiences? We believe in exceeding expectations with every little detail.
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